DVD & Streaming Video

At Elysian Press you get a one stop shop for all of your publishing needs. This now includes new DVD, Video On Demand, and Streaming Video Publishing.


Have a film or video you want published on DVD? We can design a DVD for you with a professional cover, menu, and high quality video that is ready for sale. Then we can set up your DVD for sale at a Print On Demand DVD service such as Amazon. Your DVDs will me manufactured as customers, retail stores, and institutions order them, while you just sit back and collect the profits. You will no longer have the need to purchase and store mass quantities of your DVD.

Below is a photo of the DVD cover I designed for James Lichtman’s video “When Kramer Was King – The Jack Kramer Interview“. The image displays the full “wrap” of the DVD packaging including the back (shown on the right side of the image), the spine (center of the image), and front cover (left side of the image). The DVD was released as a companion to his biographical book “When Kramer Was King: Memories Revisited“.




Basic DVD Design Package: Our basic DVD design package is $150 and includes the services outlined below. Additional services (such as  DVD menu graphics and programming, cover and disc artwork creation, video editing, and video formatting) are provided for additional fees.

To put it in simpler terms, you give us your packaging artwork and a DVD that is already set up with properly encoded video and menus, and we will prepare your DVD for Print On Demand distribution, create a properly formatted DVD case and disc label, and set up your account for you with a distributor. After that the distributor will directly deposit the profits from each DVD sale into your banking account, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for your profits to arrive. 

  • Duplication, formatting, and submission of your already authored DVD to the Print On Demand Distributor
  • Design & formatting of the DVD disc label based on the artwork you give me.
  • Design & formatting of the DVD case front, back, and spine based on the artwork you give me.
  • Set-up of DVD Print On Demand service for your project

Additional DVD Services

We can help you complete your project no matter what stage it’s in. Take a look at the additional DVD publishing services below:

Video Editing – Still need some work done on your video before it’s ready for sale? Show us what you have and tell us what you want, and we will give you an estimate on editing your video for you.

Video & DVD Formatting – If you have a digital video but it’s not in the proper format yet or even on a DVD yet, well, we can help you with that too. Tell us about what you have so far and we will give you an estimate on completing your DVD.

DVD Menu Creation – A DVD that just starts playing video without going to a menu first looks unprofessional. We can design and program a professional looking menu into your DVD for an additional fee.

Cover & Disc Label Artwork: If you don’t already have your cover artwork created you can let Elysian Press create it for you for an additional fee. Tell us about your project and we will give you an estimate for creating original artwork for you.

Video On Demand & Streaming Video Sales 

We can also prepare your video for on-demand download and streaming video services such as Amazon Prime Video. This service includes formatting your DVD into the proper format for Video On Demand & Streaming Video services, setting up your distribution account (with services such as Amazon.com), adjusting and reformatting your cover art for VOD and Streaming sales pages, and uploading your content to the distributor. Adding these additional sales channels to your DVD publishing package is a very affordable way to increase your customer base.

This service is provided for an additional flat rate of $20 per video when combined with a DVD Publishing Package above, or $40 per video for a stand alone video (that is not part of a DVD publishing package.) Additional fees are charged for other services, such as creating original artwork for your video.

Common DVD Publishing Questions 

How much money does the distributor take out of my DVD profits for manufacturing costs and distribution costs?

It depends on the distributor you wish to use. I typically recommend using CreateSpace (a division of Amazon.com) for distributing your DVD, and they charge a flat fee of $4.99 per dvd for  manufacturing and distribution, and what ever is left over after that from your DVD sale is your’s to keep. We here at Elysian Press will never take a percentage of your DVD profits. We will set everything up for you, and then all you have to do is wait for your profits to come in.

Can I have the same video available for sale as a DVD, Video on Demand, and Streaming Video?

Yes you can. And you should.

I dont have any artwork for my DVD. Can you create it for me?

Yes we can. We can create a very simple solid color cover, spine, back, and disc label for you for FREE. If you want more than that we can give you an estimate on creating an original cover for you.

If I have a still from my feature film or a digital photo that represents my video, can you use that to create my cover?

Yes we can, and we would be delighted to do so. And it will be infinitely cheaper for you than paying us to create cover art from scratch. The more artwork you provide us to help complete the cover, the less we will charge you.

I don’t Understand all this “DVD Menu” ..”Cover Front, Back, and Spine,” ..”Video Formatting” stuff. Can you explain it to me?

I’d be happy to. Give me a call and I’ll walk you through it in a way that is easy to understand. Then I’ll let you know what you need to complete your project, and I’ll even tell you how you can keep your costs down if you need to.