Elysian Press is dedicated to the education, support, and creation of modern media including eBooks, audio books, and Print On Demand books. Our goal is to make the distribution of new media formats accessible, understandable, and affordable.

John Daily

John Daily is the founder of Elysian Press, providing cutting edge education, support, and design  for eBooks, audio books, and print media.

University Professor
For several years John had the opportunity to serve as an University Professor at LTU in Chatsworth, CA, where he taught a large number of classes in electronic media and graphic arts.

Board Member
Eventually John was invited to become a member of the LTU’s Fine Arts Board, where he served the university community by shaping policy, designing programs, and developing new classes.

Private & Corporate Consultant
John has provided consulting services for business and media related technologies for more than 12 years. Find out more information on his consulting page: dailydigitalagency.com

John holds multiple collegiate degrees and has attended the following programs:
Master of Arts, Antioch University
Post-Bachelor Degree in Education, San Diego State University San Marcos
History Certification, Trinity University: Dublin, Ireland
Bachelor of Arts, University of Southern California